Hola bebés aless gibaja

Hola bebés aless gibaja

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He was still a teenager when Alessandro Vicente Gibaja de Blasio, his full name, started uploading photos of himself on networks like Messenger or Tuenti. By then he already liked fashion and showing his peculiar personality.
He continuously calls from the networks to defend dignity and attends requests from people affected by this problem, to whom he advises and encourages them to fight against inequality. He has recognized that he has always had the support of his family, his father, a wealthy businessman who lives in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, and his mother, an Italian businesswoman who lives in Milan and with whom he sees less.
He is very close to his grandmothers and, although he has made new friends, such as Ana Obregón, who included him in her reality show, Algo pasa con Ana, he maintains his usual friendships. At the Cumbre school in Madrid he met many of them and at the private university Francisco de Vitoria, where he began studying Fashion Communication (which he has not finished), others.
Although she is deprived of flea markets to buy accessories, she opts for big name brands. Everything she wears is genuine, she does not usually use imitation garments or accessories. Perhaps to look more like her idol, the millionaire Paris Hilton, whom she copies in her poses and styles.

aless gibaja, the spanish paris hilton, and his mythical «hello, babies».

And that’s not the end of his communicative strategies, Gibaja has managed to make the indiscriminate use of English words stop sounding pedantic and even fun. That the application of the intensifiers «super», «hyper» and «mega» in front of every damn word is cool. That we heterozos stop being afraid of diminutives.
Unlike 99% of it boys/girls he doesn’t take himself seriously. No traces of bad sissy are detectable. His posture is pristine. He goes his own way, lets live and transmits tenderness, closeness. He charms the masses without lowering his extravagance one iota. And it’s addictive, really. I don’t miss a single video of the ones she posts on her Instagram, I crave them. I recommend you one in which she visits a laser hair removal salon and runs the gun over her buns. «This is hypercool, it’s like a video game,» says the pop star.

the 5 best super tips from aless gibaja

I didn’t understand what was wrong with the ad until I realized that aless gibaja transformed into that basic guy by drinking a snicker https://t.co/1tfWxNukbF- david (@bleachblondavid) August 4, 2021
How fun to make an ad laughing at feathered faggots, eh Snickers. How fun to be homophobic in 2021 while a month ago a group of kids beat a faggot to death. Validating violence from privilege and joking makes you complicit. #BoicotSnickers – Ruben Serrano (@RubenSerranoM) August 5, 2021

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